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Next ITF event


The registrations for the 14th ITF event are open and 7 of us are already in. 4 from the northern hemisphere, 3 from down there under. Considering the proportionate number of fliers here and there, the Aussies are on the top right now.
The upcoming ITF event is going to be held on the weekend December 20-21, 2014.

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New Moderator at FT Discussion Group


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the support you have given this FT discussion group over the past many years. It was an idea that started many years ago with a “list” that was run by list-bot. I don’t even know if the domain even exists today. Is there anyone today on FT that was on my list-bot discussion group? Anyone remember it?

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Now on Twitter @EFTipplers


Now that we're well into 2011, I'm happy to say that Tipplers.com is now on Twitter. Of course, we all know how much social networks have changed the way people live and share information.

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2011 New Day - New Year


It's a really great feeling to know that the website is now up and running the way it should be. I hope that the 2011 breeding season for all of the Tipplermen in the northern hemisphere brings with it some great birds and great flying. I know there will be many challenges and many things to overcome, but the main thing is that we enjoy the pigeons and enjoy our great hobby the way it is.

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Would like to take this moment to thank everyone for their patience in getting out this website. It has been a long time in coming. We know you will be pleased and will find that there is a lot of information here for everyone.

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