Next ITF event

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The registrations for the 14th ITF event are open and 7 of us are already in. 4 from the northern hemisphere, 3 from down there under. Considering the proportionate number of fliers here and there, the Aussies are on the top right now.
The upcoming ITF event is going to be held on the weekend December 20-21, 2014.

Well, it would be nice to have more tippler flier friends from around the globe to participate and show the support for the Aussies on their Long Day. At the same time I know that in winter here, the BOP rules the sky. Each of us should consider taking the risk to their birds. Speaking for myself, the older I get the more I appreciate life (of all creatures).

Anyway, if possible on your part, I hope to see you in the air with us. The 2014 diploma template is ready to bear your name.