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Shown is Steven Black holding a genuine Tippler in the loft

NTU Young Bird fly


Yesterday was the NTU young bird fly. Anyone out there put birds up or know of anyone? Who's flying young birds these days?

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NTU Results


I see that three more results for the NTU competitions this year have been posted at their website. http://ntu.tipplers.org.uk Also that Brian Rose will no longer be Secretary of the NTU in September. It appears that Paul Unsworth will be the new Secretary.

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its going from bad to worse


One of my baby pilots has fell out the nest box injured its self badly so I had to put it out of its missery so strugling now if any body got a kit they really dont need let me know ill get them collected might give me some time to fly them before the season ends the way things are going im wondering weather to carry on or just pack it it all in

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NTU Old Cock Fly


Today is the NTU Old Cock fly. I with the best for all participating that they have a successful fly today. May you have a free day from the BOP http://ntu.tipplers.org.uk

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breeding going well


Young birds ready to go out 2moro for the first time so everthing crossed hope fully ill be ready for the first young bird fly in july and all the hawks are resting keep you all informed of my progress speak soon

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good fly today


Had a kit of young birds up today let them go for 4 hours I think they would of gone a lot longer but dont want to push them to hard it was very hot and that the longest they flown up till now

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New Year beginnings


Been out of the loop for a little while due to the fact that my brother was diagnosed with a brain tumor and died on March 22, 2016. The family emergency put me out of the loop for a few months and now I'm just getting back to my work and pigeon matters. I will be posting a few things for sale in the near future. At the moment I have a book entitled "Breeding Better Pigeons" by G. H. T. Stovin published in 1964 that is a must for any pigeon breeder. I have an extra copy in GREAT condition and will let it go postage paid throughout North America for $50. postage paid.

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The CNTU will be hosting their AGM on Sunday, January 10th, 2016.
The time will be 10am-1pm

Location: Erin Mills Twin Arenas, ON 2ND FLOOR
3205 Unity Dr., Mississauga, ON (906) 615-4760

More information can be found by visiting the website in our links section. (http://www.tipplers.ca/)

A bit of nostalgia, Louisville, KY


Last night I was reading Nino's nostalgic post that reminded me of a photo that I just came across yesterday. I've been sorting and organizing lately and stumbled across these three fellas. I was having a senior moment and the location escaped me for a time before I recalled the location that brought these three together. I think it was the Louisville Young Bird show around 20 years ago (Oct 1997).

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