Thoughts on Joe

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Mom was going through the closets this weekend and came across a box of items that was gifted me from the late Joe Kelley. A lot of Joe's items were more of a fetish on tipplers throughout Great Britain. He had a stack of maps that were survey maps of Macclesfield, Manchester, Sheffield, etc. He used to think that in studying the weather of these areas that he was going to learn something profound from the guys that flew in these areas. A lot of the papers were correspondence between him and librarians or others that had access to weather maps and terrain maps. Of course, I never quite understood why he had such a concern over areas that didn't match his own weather or terrain. Joe lived in San Diego, the suburbs.

Also I came across a book he had put together on a bunch of articles on Gordon Hughes and his birds. In those days (about 30 years ago) it wasn't about having "Harry's" birds but rather strains from Percy Field, Gordon Hughes and Wilf Lovatt. That's probably why he had those items. I think that today most people are just interested in birds from Ireland. I tossed the maps and things, but kept the items that possibly could be used to enjoy some good reading on a winter night. Will share some of the articles later on.