dont want to tempt fate.

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I dont want to tempt fate but things a looking up my birds have been attacked by hawks so many times it seems there use to it , ive not lost a bird for two months now , when the hawk shows up they all split up go different ways and the hawk dont know which one two chase with 4 all going I different directions he gives up , ive been letting the birds out a bit later about 4pm , it seems the hawk has allready eaten so its been pretty quite I'll keep my fingers crossed but with dark nights coming in the birds will go out at lunch time when I get home from work ,


I need 2 Bowden hens for breeding is there any one that would be prepared to swoop 2 Bowden for 2 pilot hens there very good birds and healthy any one interested in swooping give me a ring 07989735484

By dchampness