Pigeon fanciers take on RSPB over killer hawks

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Has anyone read this article? It's very good.


I think that the idea in itself is a good start in promoting a realistic approach to the education necessary to get any sort of publicity or support for the need to allow Pigeon people some say in the protection of their own birds. I seem to remember that some time back Frank in CZ and others were trying to do as much "documentation" as possible which included graphic photos of the consequences and also the "count" of birds taken. The idea of maintaining photos of the damage being done is definitely a better presentation of the evidence in my opinion. However, I do not have anything negative to say about the article, or in the efforts of those men behind the campaign to try and turn things around. Only positive things. Keep it up, Gentlemen!

Yours in the sport,
Michael J Beat

Pigeon fanciers take on RSPB over killer hawks