New North American Record set!

A New North American Record of 18 hrs 19 mins was set this weekend of June 8, 2013 by Sikandar Bal. It is great achievement for the sport. Kit of the three cocks (CNTU 12-2304,12-2305 and 12-2319) released at 04:38 June 8, 2013 morning. The kit flew amazing throughout the day. Around 8 pm birds flying strong and went into dark. They passed the 18 hr mark and then 18 hrs 05 mins (previous N.A. record), Sikandar was targeting for 18 hrs 10 mins but the birds were flying very strong, so decided to go for 18 hrs 18 mins. As Sikandar was about to turn on the lights at 22:56, Oskar Zovich who was present asked him to hold off for a few seconds. Lights on at 22:57 and released the droppers. The first bird (12-2304) landed at 23:19, 2nd (12-2319) at 23:32 and 3rd one (12-2305) at 23:38. Sikandar grabbed all three bird one by one as they landed from the loft roof and handed them to his timer to verify band numbers, last bird was handed at 23:41. The rest is history.

Record Tippler Kit 18:19